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    Empowering Women

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    Basic Education

    OLE is founded on the belief that every person has the right, not privilege, to a quality basic education.

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    Public Health

    We help our students nurture their body and mind so they can meet their full potential

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    We help people become, not just literate, but life-long learners and leaders in their communities.

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    Our Strategy for Change

    We've read the writing on the wall warning of a "global learning crisis" if we don't act

Who We Are

OLE is a 501(c)(3) social benefit organization committed to removing the barriers to education by providing open and free access to meaningful learning. Since 2007, we have established Open Learning Communities throughout the developing world so that even the most marginalized individuals are empowered to explore, discover and grow within a publicly-supported, locally-run innovative education system.

Strong Leadership

Our students form lasting relationships, not with tablets, but with locally trained coaches and educators.

Open Education Resources

Our customized tablets come with curated educational content from our basic e-learning library (BeLL).

Continuous Improvement

Our robust system of user feedback and data analytics ensures the ongoing effectiveness of our programs.

Scalable Programs

Our programs consider local needs and capacities to create self-sustainable learning centers worldwide.

Some Of Our Programs

Aside from our permanent programs, we are constantly partnering with local governments and organizations to launch new learning initiatives

From the Blog

Join the Discussion! Our CEO and program directors are constantly posting new content in response to recent current events, thought-provoking editorials, reforms in online education, and readers' comments.

OLE & IEA Announce Partnership Agreement

The Open Learning Exchange (OLE) is proud to announce an exciting new partnership agreement with the International Education Association (IEA) in Lebanon. OLE and IEA are joining together across a number of program areas in the Middle East and North Africa beginning with our work at the Za’atari refugee camp in cooperation with UNHCR Innovation.

Feb 03, 2016 Admin

How to Fix Schools for Everyone

It is exciting to see OLE’s Theory of Change, being implemented around the world, also working well in New Jersey. David Kirp, in the New York Times, Highlights the effectiveness of change in the Union City school system, compared with the different approach taken in Newark. OLE’s most recent implementation is the Tiger Girls program

Jan 10, 2016 Admin

Syrian Refugee Relief Fund of Global Giving provides $25,000 for the Tiger Girls

Global Giving’s Syrian Refugee Relief Fund has given $25,000 to the Tiger Girls program to support the training of 12 Syrian women coaches, provide 250 digital tablets, and allow 1,200 Tiger Girls to participate in team-based learning and quality education in the Zaatari Refugee Camp near the Syrian border in northwest Jordan.  Please consider adding

Dec 17, 2015 Admin

BREAKING NEWS: Preview the OpenBeLL Now!

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